Chris Ennis

The Accidental Entrepreneur

A software engineer by trade, I've been an entrepreneur, an intrepreneur and an entrepreneur again.  My specialty is building products and over the years I've built more than a dozen.


The Traveller

I've had the good fortune of traveling all over the world.  A speak a decent bit of five different languages and enjoy spending time off the grid.  Sometimes I even take a few pictures.

The Partner

In 2005, I joined with a group of developers to start a new type of company.  This company was originally called DotRage.  We were hired guns who built the most complex components of large applications for companies.  In 2007, the company disbanded and in 2008 a smaller group reformed as Function Interactive.  I'm a hands-off partner of what has become a European agency, but every once in a while I get to collaborate of projects.

The Consultant

I've developed a fairly broad base of expertise over the past 20 years and from time to time I put that experience to use through consulting.  Currently I consult for PanXchange, an online commodity trading platform and The University of Colorado School of Medicine.  If you're interested in working with me, click the 'Work with Me' button below.

Work with Me

Past Ventures

  • WiredShelf
    Online inventory management.  Acquired.
  • Mercury Manager
    Web-based EHR for behavioral healthcare
  • SoberCircle
    Social network for addicts & alcoholics.  Acquired.
  • NashMash
    Social/local aggregator.  Acquired.
  • Simple Energy
    Residential energy efficiency.  TechStars Boulder 2011.

Current Ventures

  • RxAssurance
    Patient engagement and analysis of patient reported outcomes.
  • ListZing

    Set your desired rate of commission or flat fee and ListZing will bring licensed real estate agents to you.

  • A sports related project
    A side project I've been working on for some time that I plan to launch at a future date.